Not all community engagement is created equal. A rigid process over-relies on predictability and misses timely opportunities to address community needs. And surface-level activities usually produce status quo results that can't tell you if you're really making a difference. Good intentions don't necessarily result in meaningful results. That's why New Reach Consulting's mission is authentic engagement for meaningful impact.

It should move your mission forward and deliver value to the people you serve.

but community engagement should help you accomplish your goals and objectives

Take community engagement beyond advertising, event planning, or writing another report to be filed away unused. New Reach Consulting focuses on finding solutions to problems to achieve better outcomes based on real-time conditions.

through continuous learning and iteration. You'll have a better understanding of what opportunities to pursue and course-correct as needed. This will increase your chances of longterm success by reducing risk, time, and resources by not being overcommitted to the wrong path.


Coby C. Williams is the Founder and Principal of New Reach Consulting. He has over 15 years of expertise in community organizing, group facilitation, issue advocacy strategy, and digital outreach planning. Coby has partnered with organizations throughout Ohio to help move forward local, state, and national initiatives.

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